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For a perfectly cooked pizza every time, just remember the name FROZA...

F: FOLLOW the instructions. Every pizza comes with its own reheat instructions. Be sure to read those closely, and plan to follow along.

R: REMEMBER all ovens are different. That means that results will differ from one oven to the next, even if time and temp are exactly the same. This is why most reheat instructions show a range for the cook time, and why the next two tips are so important...

O: ON with the oven light. Turn on your oven light before you put your pizza in and plan to leave it on the entire time. (Recommended soundtrack for this step is "Turn on Your Lovelight" by the Grateful Dead.)

Z: ZERO in at the end. Once you're within 5 minutes of the suggested cook time, start watching your pizza like a hawk.  If the top has started to brown, start checking it every 30 seconds or so. (This is also a good time spin your pizza 180 degrees, since most ovens tend to be much hotter in the back.) 

A: ALLOW it to cool. Your pizza will cut, serve, and taste better if you do this. This is because the cooling process allows the dough to go through an important molecular process. (It's called starch retrogradation if you were wondering, you nerd.) 


All pizzas are packaged frozen with ice packs, and will remain cold well into the evening on the day of delivery.

If left unattended, your pizzas may begin to thaw slightly, but will still be safe to eat and refreeze.

To ensure maximum quality, move to your fridge or freezer as soon as you reasonably can.


Your pizzas can be kept for up to 5 days in your fridge, or up to 5 months in your freezer.

That said, any pizza that's kept frozen will always be safe to eat. It just becomes a matter of potentially decreasing quality if you store it frozen for any longer period.