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On the day of your delivery.

FROZA delivery info: We'll notify you when your package has left our facility, and again when it's been delivered.  Please move it to your freezer or fridge as soon as possible after it arrives.    All deliveries are cold packaged to survive up to a couple of hours on your doorstep - but not much more.  Part of our mission is to help reduce landfill waste, and we hope you'll join us on this journey.


Our delivery zone.

FROZA delivery zip codes_Chicago


If you live outside our delivery zone.

If you live outside our delivery zone... We encourage you to create an online account, and add your zip code to the address section.    This will help us prioritize our expansion, and ensure  we alert you when we finally do make it to your area.    All accounts located in zip codes where we do not yet deliver will be credited with a free pizza.


    Delivery rates

    Order over $75 FREE
    $50 to $75 $1.95
    $25 to $50 $3.95
    Under $25 $5.95