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What’s faster? 

Pizza delivery has its perks, including the occasional free delivery from a tardy driver, but it’s not what it used to be. Today, delivery apps like Uber and GrubHub mean you can order pizza from just about anywhere, and people are. During peak hours, kitchens are overwhelmed with orders leading to waits that can be an hour or more. 

Enter frozen pizza. And not just any grocery store brand pizza, we’re talking about a gourmet frozen pizza delivered right to your door, so it’s ready in your freezer when the next craving hits. 

High-quality frozen pizza is just a short bake away from giving you the gourmet pizza experience you deserve. Unlike delivery, this method means you can enjoy your pizza right out of the oven and don’t have to beat the crowds to get your order in. Plus, your house will smell amazing. 

What’s fresher? 

Pizza delivery made “fresh to order” might seem like the easy answer, but how many times have you opened your delivery box only to be disappointed by a soggy, cold pizza?

Delivery drivers usually make multiple stops, so when your pizza does finally arrive, it’s often been sitting at the bottom of a pile of orders for some time, meaning your “fresh” pizza isn’t so fresh anymore. 

Frozen pizza is like a time capsule that lets you cut out the delay between the time your pizza is made and the time you get to enjoy it. By freezing the pizza just after assembly, all of the ingredients stay fresh right up to the moment they come out of your oven. 

The Final Order 

For convenience and freshness, we think there’s no better solution than a high-quality frozen pizza. But then again, we are a little biased. 

No matter what you choose, you’re still getting a pizza, so who’s the real winner? 

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